Russian banks in Ukraine fund “ATO” and trying to build a business

Daughter of a number of Russian banks in Ukraine, even at the end of 2014 managed to show a profit, but to survive they had to finance the ATO. Now they are hoping to capitalize on tranches Western financial assistance to Ukraine.

The largest banks of Ukraine in 2014 showed a total loss of about 30 billion hryvnia. However, the Russian subsidiaries of banks included in the top ten - Sberbank, VTB, Alfa-Bank and Prominvestbank - not as bad as it seems, “Kommersant”, based on a report of the National Bank of Ukraine. Thus, VTB has earned 642 million hryvnia net income, Sberbank - 108 million hryvnia.

Prominvestbank and Alfa Bank showed a loss, but explain its military operations in the east of Ukraine and the events in the Crimea. Namely, a sharp increase in tax payments in the fourth quarter of 2014. And this is connected not only with the fact that in Ukraine banks have traditionally transferred payments at the end of the year, but with selective tax audits of Russian banks Ukrainian authorities, during which the security forces required to finance the war against the DNI and LC. “In the fourth quarter, the bank came and demanded a tax audit assessed additional provisions for income, which is not, in the Crimea and the area ATO” - leads edition of the commentary source in one of the Ukrainian subsidiaries of Russian banks.

Nevertheless, even in these circumstances, all four Russian subsidiaries have recovered from the shock began to increase lending and showed an increase. “For those who decided to stay in Ukraine, you must fight for liquidity support loans, for example, by companies in the Russian group” - said the publication source in one of the banks.

3 February 2015

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