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Poland is often cited as an example the undoubted success of the integration of Eastern European countries into the European Union. Indeed, against the backdrop of stagnating economy of old Europe, and barely making ends meet other Eastern European countries, Poland is very optimistic. GDP growth this year expected to exceed 3% (except in 2012, he remained at the level of 4% in recent years), the budget deficit does not exceed 3%, and the national debt is 53% of GDP (in Poland is prohibited by law in excess of the national debt trims 55% of GDP ). Polish politicians are talking about a different level of the great revival of Poland, referring to the country’s aspiration to become a par with European heavyweights France and Germany. High estimate of his own importance for the EU already has served Poland in good stead when she bargains for the conditions for accession to the European Union. Then she managed to get more than anyone else, which largely determined its current success. “Superstar Europe”, “stunning success story,” “Rising Hope” - so called Poland in the European media. “Expert” tried to figure out where the vector is directed development of Poland and whether she can at least in the long term to compete with the European center and get out of position semiperiphery Europe

14 July 2014

German industrialists opposed sanctions
EBay has decided to expand its presence in Russia, despite sanctions

• The Japanese economy is losing attractiveness for investors »»»
International rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S & P) today established a “negative” forecast on long-term credit rating of Japan - the second largest economy in the world after the United States.
• German industrialists opposed sanctions »»»
The Russian market for German industry is much more interesting than the Ukrainian.
• Greece has received from China a vote of confidence »»»
China announced its intention to invest in Greece and to restore economic prosperity of this country, experiencing financial problems.
• In 2010 in Russia broke the boom of foreign investment in production »»»
Back in 2000 the launch of a foreign proceeding for the $ 10 million was considered as “industrial news of the year.
• Straight from the offshore »»»
Foreign investment in the Russian economy come to pre-crisis levels After a deep hibernation.