How to make money on YouTube?

Everyone knows what YouTube (Youtube) - is the largest free video hosting service that allows its users to view, upload and comment on various videos.

But how can you make money on youtube, make it a source of passive income, and not leaving the house - not many people know! This is a gorgeous example of earnings on the Internet without any material investments - you need only include the brains and a little sweat!

If you like to create a variety of interesting videos - shooting video about animals, about nature, extreme sports, creating short films that make us think about being - you have the chance to earn chic on YouTube using Google Adsense!

But I warn you right away that a decent income will come to you only if your video will be viewed over a hundred thousand users, or better yet millions. Your channel score when a wildly popular, you will find the advertisers themselves, who in addition will offer you money for something that you are starting your own video reklamku had inserted a couple of seconds.

how-earn-on-yutubeNu and if you are serious untwist the channel and already see (visualization - it’s good!) as your video is very easy to surpass the sensational movie “Gangnam Style”, then there is no sense to read this article, it is you simply not useful :) We mentally clap you on the shoulder and say, “Well done! zdorovyachka May God grant you and your prosperity channel on Youtube!”

How do you turn a video views on YouTube in the money? Follow these tips.

How can earn on YouTube?

1) Initially, you need to rent your own movie (importantly, that it was fun, fun, helpful - put yourself in the audience and think carefully what may surprise you and cause emotions stunning :). The roller can be removed as a professional camera, or a mobile phone.

2) Then you sign up on YouTube, create a personal channel and upload videos straight from the tin there his. Video is already in a few minutes available.

3) Want to make money on YouTube? Then must be placed on the page with your video ad from Google - which will bring income - is Google Adsense. When you first hear about it, and even have no idea that this is a miracle and what it eats - then stomp on the Google home page and get acquainted with its rules. And what are you thinking? At first not so easy, but then will reap the fruit sitting on the couch :)

4) If you also have a great desire to earn income-per-view movie - you will be required to put your own video links on special markets for video: or Metakafe.kom - You will be charged money for every thousand views.

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5 January 2014

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