On crowdsourcing platform SBD Small Business of Moscow launched new projects

In October, began his work a unique project “crowdsourcing platform SBD Small Business of Moscow“, which is a virtual platform for building a mutually beneficial dialogue between business and government. Crowdsourcing feature - from the potential of a large number of people for different tasks. At the moment, has already been successfully implemented three projects.
From November 26 started a new discussion on the following projects:
* Interaction management and entrepreneurs;
* Procedure for implementing decisions to grant subsidies to urban;
* New concept signage Moscow City - ideas and implementation.
What are the main pros crowdsourcing platform?
* Extension of ideas and their realization;
* Ability to voice their opinion to the vast and interested audience;
* Using the potential of a large number of people for different tasks;
* Exchange of views with like-minded people;
* Ability to join the expert community.
All this will be available to you immediately after you register on the project website dialog.mbm.ru.
You can offer their own versions of the documents in question, put forward ideas, vote for the best solutions, practical tell stories of your life, to share information about that practice causes negative emotions, and negotiations to reach a consensus on the regulation of business and government procedures. You will find like-minded people and possibly combine their lobbying efforts outside crowdsourcing platform.
Work the most active participants of the project will be awarded prizes.
You are welcome to dialog.mbm.ru!

29 November 2013

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• Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea offered amnesty for the Ukrainian business period »»»
"There were decisions on nationalization, we do not hide, but it was a political decision.
• Oil and gas companies have canceled projects at $ 380 billion »»»
Since June, against the background of the large-scale collapse of oil prices, NK almost doubled the cost reduction for new projects - from $ 200 billion to $ 380 billion.
• Dalnegorsk supports small and medium business »»»
In terms of modernization Dalnegorsk in the initial stages the task to develop small-and medium-sized businesses, as well as repair of housing.
• Japan is ready to invest in agricultural projects of the Russian Federation »»»
Implementation of agricultural projects on the basis of TOR in
• Website of the day: Kickstarter - Investments 2.0 »»»
On this site you can collect money from users for the implementation of ambitious projects.