“Business in Russian” Two Russian women in the U.S. are accused of major fraud to the iPhone

Two young Russian woman from New York accused of buying false documents to dozens of expensive iPhones in Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Phones they bought with forged documents, and with huge discounts - hoping to sell them later for full price.

26-year-old Neue Olga (nee Maltsev) and 25-year-old Gulnara Rothwell (Bagautdinova) were arrested April 1 in Louisiana, reported the BBC. The police stopped on the highway for speeding them to rent a car with New York numbers and found 27 driver’s license with their photos, but with other people’s names and addresses in four different states.

A further search found the car laminator, card cutter, holographic film, printer, digital camera, computers and other equipment, which, as the police decided, was intended for the manufacture of fake driver’s license.

As is clear from court documents, the Russians were also lists of names, addresses, phone numbers and Social Security numbers in the system belonging to others.

According to prosecutors seized from the women’s 5000 dollars in cash intended for the purchase of iPhone smartphones in the final stages of the journey, which began in Knoxville (Tenn.). Maltsev and Bagautdinova appeared March 26 in there the Apple store and purchased three devices iPhone 4S, as well as long-term contracts signed with the phone company, presenting a false law. At the conclusion of long-term contract price of the phone drops from 500 to 200 dollars. Contract for failure to face a solid penalty, but if you purchased the phone on someone else’s name, the buyer does not care.

Women were charged with identity theft with aggravating circumstances and conspiracy. June 8 prosecutors notified the court that Bagautdinova agreed to plead guilty in exchange for leniency.

The idea was Bagautdinova Maltseva and to then profitably sell the phones at the online auction eBay or Craigslist. The accused managed to buy 81 iPhone worth 40,500 dollars. Since they have signed a long-term contracts, the purchase cost them less than 18,000 dollars. Attorney Marci Blaze Maltseva told reporters that her client had decided to go the same way, and “in the near future, pleads guilty.”

17 June 2012

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