The most profitable investment

Obviously, the more complete and relevant information about the material world we have, the more systemic our knowledge about objects and their relationships, the more efficient use of material resources.

4 June 2011

Automakers will invest in Russian plants $ 5 billion.
Popular profession in 5 years

• ONF activists in the Nenets district discussed the introduction of innovative technology in the provision of cash services »»»
Members of the working group "Fair and efficient economy," the regional headquarters of the Popular Front in the Nenets Autonomous District.
• Virtual reality comes to business! »»»
Whichever comes first - the virtual game tightened us and our wallets to the network or there is a genius who pulls all the passion and drive into reality?
• JPMorgan plans to create its own kriptovalyutu »»»
The largest U.S. bank JPMorgan Chase has filed a patent application on kriptovalyutnuyu payment system.
• Blog about life insurance, apartments, cars. Very extensive information about insurance. »»»
This web site gives you a wide range of works.
• Economy without money: the obvious and incredible »»»
In recent days, the Russian ruble was quickly weaken compared to major world currencies.