Remchukov: Requires reorganization of the government with the inclusion of representatives of business

I recall that on October 1, 2014 Russia’s foreign debt amounted to 678.435 billion USD., Of which the State accounted for only US $ 48.313 billion. Banks had to 192.026 billion USD., And other sectors of the economy - 422 398 000 000 USD., Of which loans - 257722000000 dollars. In November and December, our private entities were to pay $ 29 billion., and in 2015 - 109 billion dollars.

After the sanctions took nine months. Nevertheless, apparently, both the government and the central bank were not prepared to increase the demand for currency in terms of restricting access to global financial markets. Shapkozakidatelskih attitude to this problem in the early days of sanctions was replaced by surprise, to start one of our major debtors could not get a single penny of debt in Asia. The Chinese do not want to spoil relations with the West. Further, there was quite a surprise: there were problems with obtaining financing on the global bond market, Russian companies are not included in the sanctions lists. So, just in case.

These disappointment overshadowed the following questions. How could such as foreign debt of Russian companies and banks? Why credit conditions in Russia were at times worse than in the West? What was the attitude of the Russian authorities hyper-vigilance to such a model of financing the Russian big business, including strategic state assets in the oil and gas sector corporations?

Our power elite likes to quote from the cult film “The thief should sit in jail!” Forgetting completely legal context and meaning of conflict between the main characters - Jeglov and Sharapova. I would like to remind them and other calls Zheglova phrase: “Punishment without guilt does not happen, Sharapov!” It helps to trace the chain of causality that led to a sharp unpleasant problems, crisis.

The exit strategy from the crisis is not yet clear. Neither the authorities nor business nor observers are not aware of anti-crisis plan, if any. Panic braking interbank market, the absence of lending to the real and virtual sectors of the economy - the harbingers of terrible collapse in a few months the whole body of our economy. This is - a reality, not conjecture. This is indicated by many pages of textbooks on economic history, available first-year students of any economic institution. Chanting about the inevitability of growth after the “rebound plus” unproductive. Two years before the coveted “bounce” can break not only the fate of millions of private, but the fate of the country.

While I do not feel the energy determination, knowledge, understanding and action in the measures taken. Requires reorganization of the government with the inclusion of representatives of business, having a clear understanding of the steps that must be made for inclusion in the reproductive turnover of all types of resources that we have. On a market basis.

Meaning and cherished dream of bureaucratic capital - access to state finances, budgetary resources, levers redistribution. Normal cap private

22 December 2014

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