A day in the life of the president of AvtoVAZ

“- Every morning I get up at five. The only exception is Sunday, when I try to sleep, but it does not mean that I do not come in a day at the plant” …

- I can not live without work. That’s all I have. Russia - a unique country in which there is a lot of work. Very much.

- When in January I went to AvtoVAZ, at the first workshop at 7 am I brought several presentations. Rather than listen to the speakers, I went to the factory and the first thing went to the toilet. There was dirty, cranes did not open, just unpleasant to be inside. I said, today we change the situation at the plant. Let’s start with the toilets. By 6 pm, these problems should be solved. And they succeeded.

- In my opinion, the problem of Russian buyers is that they do not understand what they want. For many years, decisions were made for them by not providing choice and without asking their opinion. People just forgot to then listen to their own desires. “

18 December 2014

Business braced for “creepy” increase the cost of credit
West Ukraine gave less money than the West Ukraine. In the European Union declare that the funds for Kiev they do not have, and the IMF will help only after cutting sotsraskhodov

• Poroshenko accused the Russian authorities in preventing the sale of assets: because of them I can not fulfill campaign promises »»»
Russian authorities hinder the sale of assets Roshen. In an interview with the TV channel "1 + 1" said the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.
• Were evicted blocks. On the streets throwing thousands of people. Many of these laws can not help »»»
Residents of the city of Sverdlovsk region Krasnoturyinsk offered either buy at the market price of the apartment where they lived for many years, or move out into the street.
• Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea offered amnesty for the Ukrainian business period »»»
"There were decisions on nationalization, we do not hide, but it was a political decision.
• As Russian farmers in crisis in Ukraine »»»
Despite the threat of sanctions, Russian companies have a chance to maintain its position in the Ukrainian and world agricultural markets In the agricultural business should not be a policy.
• From Kiev to the Crimea after the Maidan: Italian history »»»
Source: ic.pics.livejournal.com In Kiev he led business: here, he worked in the field of energy efficiency.