Good educational program for investing in structured products

To help beginners and even many experienced investors have a good brochure “Memo investor in structured products“, which includes answers to important questions that every investor should carefully work out before purchasing structured notes.
Structured notes are often seen as a very attractive tool based on the availability of various investment opportunities in one package. However, at the same time they are often complex, low liquidity and quite expensive tool.
This fact sheet can help you clear up some fundamentally important nuances of using structured notes, as well as the most valuable - to help you make (or vice versa) that the structured notes are for you right investment option for achieving your financial goals.

18 February 2014

Disabled entrepreneurs in buying the rights to free parking in Moscow
Chechen businessman Ruslan Baysarov going to invest in the Crimean resorts

• Credo lend: Reality of Russian medium-sized businesses »»»
How credited the Russian business is an obvious problem, with origins - in the realities of the Russian economy.
• Obama called on business to chip in on the U.S. economy by $ 2 trillion »»»
President Barack Obama called for American business community to support the country’s economy.
• Monkeys again beat Wall Street »»»
Experiment with "monkeys investors", in which a simple monkey played up gurus of Wall Street in the stock market, has become a byword.
• Matvienko has proposed a moratorium on tax increases for businesses »»»
The head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko proposed a ban on raising taxes for business, citing the difficult conditions of work in conditions of economic sanctions.
• The world is undergoing an ideological crisis: whether to continue to tolerate capitalism or is it better to abandon it? »»»
The crisis through which runs the world today, is now properly called a “financial crisis”: everything has gone much further.