Cambodia refused to extradite Russian Sergei Polonsky

Court in Cambodia found no grounds for extradition to Russia businessman Sergei Polonsky, Russia accused of fraud. On this, informs “Interfax“, on Monday, January 13 announced lawyer Alexander Polonsky Karabanov. Entrepreneur, according to the lawyer, was released from custody. No other details are still to report Karabanov not.

Earlier it was reported that the court had to consider Cambodia’s petition Russian extradition Polonsky January 12, but the hearing was postponed indefinitely because Polonsky did not have time to consult the case.

Cambodian authorities arrested Polonsky in early 2013 on charges of violence against local sailors. Until early April Polonsky contained in the Cambodian prison, but after the affected sailors withdrew their applications, received compensation from the owner, he was released on bail. In this case the closure case filed against Polonsky in Cambodia, only became known in early 2014.

In June, Russia announced Polonsky an international arrest warrant on charges of embezzling nearly six billion rubles from the holders of the residential complex “Kutuzov mile”. November 11 Polonsky, who was arrested in absentia by a Russian court, was taken into custody in Cambodia and placed in the local jail. Privacy Polonsky has repeatedly stated that it expects to achieve its refusal to extradite to Russia.

13 January 2014

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