US gave Russia another high-tech market (the United States were forced to let the Russian corporation on nuclear fuel market, because it is not able to create a critical technology …)

While patriots and enemies of Russia together and concentrated overturned Rogozin said that Russia, de, behind the United States in space 9 times (and in reality, the vice-premier spoke only of labor productivity in the narrow range of tasks), happened far less noticeable, but a much more important event - Russia confidently went to the atomic US market. And there is reason to believe that this area of ​​cooperation with Russia will soon become strategic for Washington, where even more important than the essential Russian rocket engines for NASA ships.

In the meantime, it began loading nuclear fuel on PATES “Academician Mikhail Lomonosov”

“Fuel Company of Rosatom” TVEL “company and Global Nuclear Fuel-Americas (GNF-A, GE-Hitachi subsidiary company) signed a cooperation agreement, the purpose of which is to organize joint activities in licensing, marketing and fuel fabrication for operators of light water reactors (PWR) in the US “- these dry words lies a real breakthrough. To better understand it, focus on the main points.

The first - that light-water reactors were still dozens of years will remain the main type of US nuclear reactors.

The second - the share of nuclear power in total electricity generation in the US is about 20%, though not as many as in France (77%) and Ukraine (50%), but the US nuclear power superior to all others in the world. 100,000 megawatts - this is not a joke, it must be really, really a lot of fuel!

Third - we come to the heart! - Americans are faced with a critical challenge: its production of enriched uranium technology required for its further processing into uranium dioxide, on the basis of which the fuel elements and work (fuel elements in nuclear reactors), LLC is almost full to the non-applicability.

Here I have to ask the fans to shout “the boss, truncated is lost!” validol and take a look at the numbers. And the numbers - the production data in the world of enriched uranium - are as follows: Russia produces (just by JSC “TVEL”) 26,578,000 EPP (units of work division, special terms in the art) in a year, and the “great and mighty” US - only 4 700 000. feel the gap? And at you feel it?

But this is not enough - your own NPP consumption in Russia four times less than the US. That is, most of enriched uranium needed Russian four times smaller, and it makes it more than five times larger. “We have this uranium - the dam.” Total profit is about ten times - well, as there was not confident gait enter the US market ?!

But you have not appreciated the irony, we just come to the heart - as it turned out at the beginning of this year, the United States was not able to master the best, the gas centrifuge uranium enrichment technology, and is still used an old, expensive and less productive gas diffusion . One can not say that they did not try to change the situation - but not grown together, “US company” Centrus “(ex-USEC) announced the termination of work on creation of the experienced business enterprise for uranium enrichment with gas centrifuges, according to World nuclear portal news. Thus, the United States for many decades have not been able to master their own commercial gas centrifuge technology. The company “American centrifuge” in Piketon (Ohio) was to become the first US plant using centrifuge method of enrichment of uranium, and owned by an American company. Previously, the enrichment of uranium in the United States was carried out less efficient, is very energy-intensive gaseous diffusion method, and the only commercial gas centrifuge plant in the United States was built by a consortium Urenco (UK, Germany, Netherlands) with the European centrifuges. US Department of energy in the autumn of 2015 recommended to stop the project “The American centrifuge “”.

But this is no joke, a disaster for the Americans - centrifuges are coming at a frantic pace: in 2000 by gas diffusion of 50% of the uranium was enriched in the world, and in 2010 - only 25%, the proportion of centrifuges is increased proportionally. In 2017, the use of gaseous diffusion to abandon all plans! And they will reign mighty fine centrifuges worldwide. Which was not the Americans and not - ha ha! And because of that sky-advanced-Yankees forced to buy fuel for their nuclear power plants at industrial scale in Russian - three times, ha ha!

3 June 2016

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