Business Ombudsman Titov told about increase pressure on business

Measures to protect entrepreneurs from the Criminal Procedure pressure on business does not work - business is increasingly planted. This was in a letter to presidential aide Andrei Belousov wrote a business ombudsman Boris Titov, according to “Vedomosti”.

Titov says that the differentiation in the Criminal Code scams has not led to a reduction in the number of cases against businessmen. On the contrary, he said, it has increased since October last year by 65 percent. According to the Ombudsman, this trend was observed after the Constitutional Court overturned an article on liability for fraud in business, though earlier such disputes effectively resolved in arbitration.

The solution, according to Titov, may only be a complete change in the law. In particular, it is necessary to increase the amount of damages for the “economic” articles (which should be brought into line with economic realities and inflation), as well as exemption from criminal liability for economic crimes, if committed for the first time, and the damage compensated. In addition, the Ombudsman proposed to abolish the provision on crime, “a group of persons by prior conspiracy,” as an aggravating circumstance, as in any business, there are two entities - the general director and accountant.

24 September 2015

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