The Chinese will start to grow in the southern Urals rice and vegetables

Chinese businessmen have declared readiness to create the Southern Urals enterprises growing rice, vegetables, production of meat products and baked goods. They are also considering the possibility of building in the region new industrial enterprises for the production of elevators, the unique composite material for the military-industrial complex. Chinese entrepreneurs in the Chelyabinsk region are ready to support.

It was about this at the talks leadership of the South Urals Chamber of Commerce official and business delegation of Harbin on the development of cooperation with China, the Chelyabinsk region. The meeting was held yesterday, May 6.

The Chinese delegation included representatives of the Office of Management Harbin administration propaganda department of the Harbin Municipal Committee, the Board of cooperation with the Russian area of ​​Harbin Economic and Technological Development, the International Centre for Business Cooperation in Harbin, as well as executives.

Negotiators have also discussed the possibility of SUCCI to promote the establishment of direct business contacts between Yuzhnouralskaya and Chinese businessmen, implementation of joint commercial projects in the Chelyabinsk region.

“The projects which we have been approached by representatives of business circles of China, we are ready to explore, analyze, examine and assist their implementation”, - said the first vice-president SUCCI Igor Aristov.

7 May 2015

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