Putin: Russian ASEAN satisfy demand for hydrocarbons

“At the next level you need to display and interaction in the fuel and energy complex. The ASEAN countries are experiencing growing demand for hydrocarbons and electricity as well. Russia is ready to meet this growing demand for long-term basis, supplying energy. Ready to propose projects of nuclear power plants of new generation. Ready to work in the sphere of electric power industry in the broad sense of the word, “- said Putin.

In turn, Minister of Energy Alexander Novak said that Russia is considering the possibility of oil supplies swap in Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines.

The minister said that the ASEAN countries can participate in LNG projects in Russia, including in the “Novatek”.

Russia and Indonesia are preparing documents for the construction of oil refineries in Indonesia, with the participation of “Rosneft”. “We are talking about the use, primarily in the construction of the plant, Russian technologies and it is beneficial to Russia in terms of export of Russian equipment, the export of Russian technologies In addition, there is a possibility of delivery of Russian raw materials..”, - Said Novak.

“We see that the forecasts - it’s not very grateful today is only possible to speak about the fundamental factors that affect the oil market I have not changed their forecasts, and I think that this year the average price of oil will be in the range of $ 40-50.. per barrel “, - explained the Minister, Tass said.

“Russia is not an OPEC member. And we did not participate in the summit of OPEC. If you will take some advice outside the OPEC summit countries belonging or not belonging to OPEC, if such proposals arise, we will certainly consider them. Most likely given that we have always participated in these consultations, we will take part in them As long as such an initiative is not “-. Novak said.

Meanwhile, “Rosatom” is ready to participate in the implementation of Malaysia’s nuclear program. “Malaysia is studying the possibility of suppliers for the construction of nuclear power plants.” Rosatom “is ready to participate in the program, including, to invite the Malaysian students to study in Russia”, - explained the Minister.

The Malaysian government in 2009 announced its intention to build a nuclear power in the country. In Malaysia, working only the TRIGA research reactor, was launched in 1982. By 2030, the country plans to build three or four nuclear power plants, which will provide up to 15% of electricity generation.

According to Novak, “the line” Zarubezhneft “is monitored in the possibility of entering projects in Malaysia.” Zarubezhneft “has a lot of experience to enhance the effectiveness of existing fields, and here offers his services and their participation.” “Also,” Zarubezhneft “is interested in the study of the assets and Petronas in this part of the parties are consulted.” - Said the Minister.

“Gazprom” is also interested in developing trade in liquefied natural gas from Malaysia.

As for projects in Syria, “Zarubezhneft”, “Lukoil” and “Gazprom oil” can take part in projects in the country. “The Syrian side requested the Russian companies on the projects of recovery. After you have studied the economic components that will be taken concrete solutions. We are talking about companies such as” Zarubezhneft “,” Lukoil “,” Gazprom Neft “, those who have experience work abroad and could invest in these projects This topic is, and it is to work with our companies “, -. Novak said.

“Gazpromneft” is considering the possibility of entering the oil refinery in Vietnam. “This issue is on the agenda today is. You know that a few things have changed in the world market, the economic situation of the project. It was assumed the use of benefits, but there is uncertainty in this part of the decision. The project remains on the agenda.” Gazprom Neft “interacts with . Vietnamese partners in progress to develop a cost-effective entry into the conditions of the project “, - concluded Novak.

20 May 2016

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