Over the past 10 years, every sixth businessman in Russia was subjected to criminal prosecution. 2 million people were left without jobs

Over the past 10 years, the prosecution suffered a sixth entrepreneur (16%), two-thirds of the companies caught “under the heading” business was closed, no job is left up to two million people, the newspaper “Vedomosti” referring to the Centre for Legal and Economic Research.

The state comes from the conviction that “a businessman by nature a thief, and even if not a thief, it’s like they say, not your merit, and our shortcoming,” says scientific director of School of Economics Yevgeny Yasin. These beliefs embodies the Criminal Code, which since 1996 the head of the Economic Offences supplemented with 12 compounds, half of them serious, and the thresholds of punishment for many economic crimes increased to 5-10 years imprisonment.

As found center, conducting a survey who have been persecuted entrepreneurs new to the business: 47% have experience of business for over 10 years, another 32% - more than 20. And willing to start their own business a little bit: this indicator Russia, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, an outsider among the “medium-” economies (3.6 vs. 24.7% on average).

The entrepreneur, realizing that he was “sooner or later will come” in the first place begins to build relations with the authorities. Administrative annuities - bribes and compensation - reduces the possibility of reinvestment, but forces to raise prices. According to experts, “Strategy 2020″, corruption, bureaucracy, together with the results in an additional charge of 15% for food, 25-30% - in real estate.

“Any entity subject to 30 to 40 types of supervision. Another thing is that the oversight is biased and unbiased opinion” - quotes Love Konstantinov’s report of one of the respondents, the head of the dairy industry.

In Russia there is a dangerous phenomenon - the penal management of the economy, said the former first deputy chairman of the Supreme Court at the conference, Vladimir Radchenko HSE.

“We can not say that minimize business activity is only due to the prosecution, but it certainly plays a very important role,” - he said.

The tightening pressure on business has led to a decrease in the natural level of business activity by about half, but in the fat years are offset by high oil revenues, according to Yassin: without growth factor in oil prices and changes in penal policy in respect of the business economy can grow only by 1-2% per year.

Excluding the cases sent for further investigation, the acquittal rate in Russia - 0.3% (data Radchenko). In Georgia, Poland, Ukraine, their share too, 0.5-4%, compared the scientific director of the Institute of Law Enforcement, Vadim Volkov. The difference is that Russia is 600 prisoners per 100 000 inhabitants against 300 in Ukraine and 200 in Bulgaria.

In the letter - application to the “Strategy 2020″ the experts suggested to Vladimir Putin reform the criminal law and the amnesty of convicted entrepreneurs, considering those measures essential for the normalization of the business climate …

7 April 2012

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