Russians offer to buy fake documents about staying at a resort in Crimea

In Russia grows business of providing fake documents about staying in Crimean resorts. The fact that many state employees and security forces began to demand not only works, as I spent the summer in the Crimea, and the real tour.

In particular this journalist Valery Fedotov wrote in his blog:

“Opening the mail, found in her newsletter advertising:” We will provide a set of documents (copies of tickets, Holiday cards, marks of living and so on.) Confirming stay on vacation in the Crimea. ”

Now I think it will be quite a popular service - 5000000 some security officials, plus officials, judges, parliamentarians, civil servants and other categories of people who are forced to show their loyalty. And each of them will require a report on the work, as he spent a holiday …

Generally it is a good example of how life in our country (and, as I understand it, it remains the same, that the kings, that the communists now). Power is constantly inventing new and new rules that are impossible to fully comply - if a person used a vacation in Spain (Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, at his dacha), it is not only the Crimea popretsya because now other fluttering over it flags. And the people from time to time come up with workarounds - such that the wolves were fed and the sheep are safe. As a result, in practice, all (or almost all) and will continue to rest there, where they are used. But on paper, and the whole country according to statistics we will spend the summer in the Crimea. ”

9 June 2014

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