Navalny has decided to sell a little “marsh prisoners”

Alexei Navalny once again decided to make some money for “political prisoners.” Special sections on the site for the sale of “suvernirki” by opposition politician there was a proposal to buy a T-shirt with the names of those arrested for organizing mass riots on Bolotnaya and Sakharov opposition activists.

Different T-shirts - cost from 660 to 1030 rubles. At the same time, according to a number of opposition figures, online sales of T-shirts in section never observed that at least some portion of the profits from these sales will go to the care and needs of “political prisoners” or their relatives.

On T-shirts featured, including the name of Sergei Udaltsov. His wife, Anastasia Udaltsov commented on the new “business project” Navalny as follows: “What is it for someone What will help and if anyone wants to buy a lot of boring incomprehensible odyozhku????

And further. Want to earn some money on t-shirts Alesha - please do not single the Katz florists enrich (just do not tell me that this print-office is no “childhood friend” does not work - in our time is fraught communicate with “disgraced oppositionists” is unclear for what).

It is not clear another: what have the “political prisoner assistance”? Again one golimy PR of a loved one. ”


Recall that, for a number of versions, Navalny and Udaltsov deliberately framed “led” him under the article. Moreover, according to Anastasia Udaltsova few years Bulk not remembered and did nothing for the prisoners comrades on “Swamp protest”, and now suddenly remembered about them and published their names on the shirts of the party.

With specific regard to Udaltsov, something else in 2013. Bulk tough “bortanul” their “comrade” - make every effort to ensure that he does not become a candidate for the mayoral election. For example, he ruled Udaltsov of CSR. The exception in this case, it took “a masterful tyranny” and the personal will of Navalny. While positions in opposition Coordinating Council are elected.

In principle, the love of money Alexei Navalny has been known for quite some time. But there seems to be opposition took some new heights of cynicism. He earns money in his own pocket, using the names of those people who, at first, framed, and, secondly, not at the cost to somehow help them. At the very least, any statements regarding deductions money from the sales of T-shirts on the site is not visible.

Such is the model of a liberal business on someone else’s tragedy. However, if the said Katz could make a gesheft on the death of Boris Nemtsov, Navalny then why not use detention as his companions in order to also make sympathetic?

24 June 2016

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