“Massandra” is launching a new line and is preparing a project of modernization of the enterprise

The wine-making state-owned company “Massandra” introduces a new production line of a full cycle, the factory-fitted in Gurzuf. This Tass General Director Janina Pavlenko.

“This line was worth about 50 million rubles French equipment that we have successfully purchased, even under sanctions, -. She said -. We must change everything because the wear huge We bought a separate line, and do not change the equipment nodes is important for us.. it was to see what the quality of the wine we get from the vineyard to the glass on the new line. ”
During testing, a new line of enterprise specialists were able to process more than 20 different varieties of grapes. “Using this equipment we made 17 new brands of table wines that have” Massandra “has not produced ever. Of the 17 brands of our tasters and experts were chosen eight, which will be launched within a few weeks. In mid-May,” Massandra “will release a new range of table wines of the premium segment, “- added the head of the company.

Technology from the President

In March 2016, “Massandra” has also received new equipment and vehicles from the Office of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation.
“Previously, our staff in the fields on the job went to Zilahi sitting on the benches Presidential Affairs, on behalf of the Head of State gave us more than 40 pieces of equipment Among them -.. A tractor, brand new buses, new vans to carry people, cars, cranes, . trucks, vinovozy This “Massandra” probably never in my life saw people crying, when technology came to the company, “-. said Pavlenko.

modernization project

Now “Massandra” is preparing a large-scale technical re-design the entire production.

Experts should study the needs of the company and determine the procedure for the purchase of new equipment. According to Pavlenko, the cost of a complete modernization of the company can reach several hundreds of millions of rubles.
“This is a very large enterprise, and here you need very well decide that his re-equipping. It is very important dot analyze all components and make a responsible decision based on expert opinion. You can with a bad head invest money and buy all the same, only .. But in this new no expediency According to our plans before the end of 2016, we must develop a project taking into account the views of all industry professionals, “- explained Pavlenko.

The deliberate destruction of

According to Pavlenko, the largest on the peninsula winery deliberately destroyed in the last few years of being part of Crimea in Ukraine.

“My first most vivid impression when I saw the state of affairs in the” Yalta “-. It tears I could not imagine that” Massandra “is in such doldrums We got company, who actually had the wear throughout the material and technical base of the. . 60 to 95% Today, we assume that this was done deliberately, especially with defined goals My personal opinion that the company deliberately tried to bring to such a state, “-. said Pavlenko.
According Rosalkogolregulirovaniya, production capacity, “Massandra” in the order of 40 million bottles a year. In fact, due to the destructive policies of the former management of the company now can produce no more than 12-15 million bottles.

About enterprise

Source: sudak.pro
Winery “Massandra” was nationalized after the reunification of the Crimea and the Russian Federation in March 2014. In July last year, “Massandra” was transferred to the Office of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation and became a federal state unitary enterprise.

The company currently produces 70 wines. “Massandra” consists of eight branches, which manage 10 plants for processing on the peninsula. The area of ​​vineyards is about 3.8 thousand. Hectares. The company has about 2.5 thousand. Man.
Increased attention to the world media, “Massandra” emerged after a visit to the company by Russian President Vladimir Putin and former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, 11 September 2015. Then the guests visited the largest barreled farm, where they can be stored at the same time 9 million decalitres of wine. Putin and Berlusconi have also passed through the main galleries of the nine wine library with 500 thousand. Bottles.

The resumption of sales of wine by the glass

Crimean winemakers expect in the near future to resume the sale of wine by the glass. This will be possible after the amendments to the Federal Law №171-FZ, Tass said Chairman of the Board self-regulatory organization “Crimean grapes and wine bureau,” CEO winery “Massandra” Yanina Pavlenko.

“This bill with our initiatives beyond the State Duma after the May holidays, I very much hope that this bill will be passed and so this season we will be able to surprise the Russians who come to the Crimea, a small but pleasant privilege -.. Pavlenko said -. It “hello” from the years when people came to the Crimea to rest, and can buy a glass of quality wine, not overpaying for a bottle and cork. ”
She explained that the draft law provides for the possibility to sell wine by the glass only in retail stores companies that produce wines exclusively from its grapes. “Today, there is a ban on the state level, sales of wine by the glass, but it is sold all around and everywhere is necessary to inform the consumer that the brand-name stores zavodov- manufacturers can now find the wine we thus kill the illegal trade…”, - Explained Pavlenko.
According to her, in “Yalta” share of the wine sold by the glass, it can be up to 30%. The cost of bulk wine without loss of quality will be significantly lower than the bottle.

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