Italians are ready to invest 18 million euros in the construction of Cardiology in the North Caucasus

Italian investors are ready to invest 18 million euros in the construction of the medical center interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery in the territory of North Caucasian Federal District.

Construction of Medical Center of interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery in the territory of North Caucasus Federal District was discussed during the meeting the Minister for the North Caucasus Lev Kuznetsov with the Honorary Consul General of Italy in the Southern Federal District North Caucasus Federal District and Pier Paolo Lodigiani.

“We want to build a modern private medical center for the people of the Caucasus, where people can receive high-quality services for free, as part of the mandatory health insurance. Our experts have estimated the amount of investment in the implementation of this ambitious project about 18 million euros.

Italian businessmen are willing to invest the money today, “- said Pierre Lodigiani. According to him, the medical institution of such a profile in North Caucasus Federal District, and do not cover 40% of kardiopatsientov forced to travel to Moscow for treatment or Krasnodar.

“The Minister of the Russian Federation for the North Caucasus Lev Kuznetsov, expressed readiness to support the necessary and timely initiative on the part of government business by offering, in turn, as the site for building the region Caucasian Mineral Waters” - the press service MinKavkaza. Lev Kuznetsov said that the funds for co-financing of the Cardiology can be allocated from the budget of the Federal Office

20 March 2015

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