Were evicted blocks. On the streets throwing thousands of people. Many of these laws can not help

Residents of the city of Sverdlovsk region Krasnoturyinsk offered either buy at the market price of the apartment where they lived for many years, or move out into the street. For the vast majority of this choice - imaginary. The only real perspective - to become homeless.

Almost everything here worked or are working on the payer Theological Smelter (BAZ). In the Soviet period, received shelter, standing in a queue for 10-15 years. In late 1992, BAZ was privatized and came under the control of “RUSAL”, which is owned by prominent businessman Oleg Deripaska.

For a while factory workers continued to receive the apartment - the requirement for housing was enshrined in the collective agreement the company, which was the successor of. Since 1992 they have provided more than a thousand apartments in 19 buildings. But at the same time, according to krasnoturintsev, forced to sign treaties of commercial recruitment. Convinced that it is - a mere formality, which is virtually nothing to change that on his square meters, they will remain until the end of days.

“Forever” was completed in July 2010. People began to receive notices, which offered two choices: buy an apartment at the market price or release.

18 June 2012

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