Website of the day: Kickstarter - Investments 2.0

On this site you can collect money from users for the implementation of ambitious projects. Excellent site, successful, famous, promoted and discussed. But, like everything connected with money an innovative way, it works fine to put it mildly, not in all countries. Because of this I did not want to do Kickstarter site of the day, because of its usefulness for the Russians somewhat doubtful. However, apart from the basic benefit, the Kickstarter in Russia, there is another remarkable feature - it is unique.

If your project is good and if you can bring it to a finite sum, we can try to collect this amount on the website Kickstarter. It is important that no one will give you only part of the required amount and do not put you in an awkward position when it is necessary to seek more money to run the project and pay off investors. You specify the amount, term and fees for deposits. People point out how much they are willing to pay. If the amount is typed enough, all the money once you arrive, and if not, then your project is not good enough to implement it. No agonizing attempts to guess whether the goods in demand, and pay off the project. Run only those projects that are already successful.

For example, a farm, successfully supplying fresh vegetables, has decided to raise money for a few hives and begin to deliver the honey …
They will succeed. They have already collected more than one hundred percent of the required amount.

The most successful project in the history of Kickstarter is still a computer game Double Fine Adventure, for funding which had been collected 3,336,371 dollars.

Site developers Kickstarter not only well done everything in the network, they are still offline a good guess. If we have someone so would - it would be steeper than any Skolkovo.

25 April 2012

“This outrage was not even in the 1990s” (Ekaterinburg conflict broke out between the business and security forces)
Leaders on Foreign Investment in Russia: Cyprus, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. All of these countries - offshore

• The young Englishman is selling himself for a million pounds »»»
He presents himself as an object for investment and guarantees to the investor 10% of the total, that will work for the rest of your life.
• On crowdsourcing platform SBD Small Business of Moscow launched new projects »»»
In October, began his work a unique project "crowdsourcing platform SBD Small Business of Moscow".
• Why a website? »»»
Site development has long ceased to be a tribute to fashion.
• Investigation RBC daily: What businessmen sitting amnestied »»»
Economic amnesty will end soon. According to the most rosy projections.
• "Atomflot": signed a decree on creating flagship icebreaker »»»
“The Russian government issued a decree № 660 of June 29, 2012″ On the implementation of public investment in the construction of the head of the universal icebreaker.