Media: Saudi Arabia raised its prices for October deliveries of crude oil to Asia and the US

Largest exporter in the world, the state oil and gas Saudi Aramco, has raised the Arab light crude oil prices to Asian buyers by 90 cents per barrel, and for US - by 50 cents a barrel, Bloomberg reported.

At the same time the cost to Asian Arab oil is still 20 cents below the regional benchmark, the agency said.

On the other varieties of prices rose in the range of 70-95 cents for the Asian market of Middle East oil per barrel for the US - in the range of 20-30 cents per barrel. In this kingdom of reduced prices for the North European and Mediterranean customers. Price changes relate to the October shipments.

Earlier, Energy Minister Khaled al-Faleh said that the kingdom does not plan to increase production to an extreme level. He praised the current demand in the Asian market.

5 September 2016

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