Alisher Usmanov, the investor proved the most expensive in the world of startups

Investholding USM businessman Alisher Usmanov and his partners invested tens of millions of dollars a popular mobile service taxi Uber. Since the transaction services rose by more than 20%

USM Holdings Alisher Usmanov and his partners among US investors taxi service Uber. This RBC said the source close to the investholding and confirmed the source in the Uber. USM invested in the US startup in the summer of 2015, investment amounted to tens of millions of dollars, said a source close to the holding.

In July 2015 Uber raised $ 1 billion, based on the evaluation of the entire company at $ 51 billion, reported The Wall Street Journal. By the time the total amount of investment in the company has already exceeded $ 5 billion. Through the summer round of investment Uber “stepped” estimate of $ 50 billion for two years faster than it took the US social network Facebook.

The latest round of investments in Uber took place in December last year, wrote Bloomberg. The company raised $ 2.1 billion from Tiger Global Management, T.Rowe Price and other investors, who evaluated the whole business of the company at $ 62.5 billion. USM in this round did not participate, the source said RBC, close to the holding. Thus, only the latest investment in the Uber Usmanov last summer went up by 22.5%. Service Uber led top most expensive start-ups around the world.

USM Holdings representative declined to comment.

Among other Russian investors Uber - Venture Fund Caspian VC owner of the “Amount” Ziyavudin Magomedov. The representative of the Caspian VC did not disclose when the fund invested in taxi service, and did not name the amount of investment. Sredniy Caspian VC tranche size ranges from $ 1 million to 5 million, said earlier the Managing Director of the William Shore.


But former partner Usmanov on investments in high-tech start-ups - Yuri Milner - Uber bypasses. Milner three is considering a proposal to enter the pool of investors Uber, but refused three times, he told in an interview with Bloomberg Business in June 2014. Founder of Uber Travis Kalanik. Milner DST through its funds prefer to invest in Asian competitors Uber - particularly in China Didi Kuaidi (valuation of the company - $ 16 billion for the last round) and Indian Ola Cabs (estimate - $ 5 billion).

At the end of 2015 the service Uber worked in more than 360 cities in 67 countries, wrote RBC. The founders and top managers try to hide Uber financial and operating performance of the company. But occasionally there is information in the media referring to the internal documents of the company. For example, earlier this year edition of The Information reported that net revenues (the money that it receives from the driver for the crimes they travel) in 2015 almost tripled compared with 2014, rising from $ 495 million to 1.5 billion. At the same time Uber increases and their share of the total cost of travel: in 2014 it was 16.9% of the total amount of all orders, which totaled $ 2.9 billion. In the first half of 2015, this share had increased to 18.3%, while total Orders for the period totaled $ 3.9 billion.

Despite impressive growth in revenues, Uber as intense lose money, according to the The Information: Only the first half of 2015 amounted to a loss of $ 987.2 million, and by the end of the year could reach $ 2.5 billion - almost four times as much than in 2014. Rising losses reflect the pace of development of the company into new markets - such as India and China, but Uber expects developed markets where the service is presented for a long time, it will bring more money According to the publication source familiar with the company’s strategy.


23 January 2016

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