Bloomberg called Russia the best of the BRICS countries for investment in 2015

The Russian market has become the most profitable for investors in 2015 among the BRICS countries, displaced from the first position of China, according to Bloomberg. According to the agency, investors became less worried about Russia after the fall of oil prices and the December collapse of the ruble, and hope that in the near future will be to decrease the political risks in Russia.

The Agency emphasizes that in the past seven months, “the situation has radically changed.” The price of oil has stabilized at above $ 55 per barrel, as a whole in Ukraine began to respect the ceasefire. Volatility Index fell by more than half - to 28%, which was the sharpest drop in the index since 2006, when he started to pay off.

Analysts polled by stress that the shares of Russian issuers valued lower than the other BRICS countries, and can bring much more profit if political risks will continue to decline.

“Our models tell us that the need to invest in Russian securities,” - leads the agency Invest manager based in London GAM UK Ltd. Tim Love. “The majority of Russian shares are significantly undervalued,” - said the agency founder of Prosperity Capital Management Matthias Uestmen. “There is potential for further restoration,” - he added.

The agency notes that in nominal terms, the MICEX index in 2015 increased by 18%, up 4 percentage points less than the increase in the Shanghai Composite Index. However, a record decline in the volatility of the Russian market, along with the increased price fluctuations in China allows to profit from investments in Russia and China, with a coefficient of 1 and 0.6 points respectively. Russia’s result was the best among all the countries of the BRICS, the agency said.

In July of concern because of the inflated stock market brought down the shares of Chinese companies. In July, the Shanghai index dropped down the list of the least risky investments.

In March, the agency reported that investors once again began to show interest in Russia. However, a month later, experts interviewed by Bloomberg, was named Russia the worst place in the world for investment in the next 12 months. Along with Russia, they also named Brazil and China, and the best market - Europe.

20 July 2015

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