Ukrainian artists began to hide information about their shows in Russia from the Ukrainian fans

Ukrainian star, in defiance of calls Kobzon “feed at” unofficial ban and perform in Russia several of our group - “Ocean Elzy”, “Boombox”, “BB”, continue to make the neighbors. Among them, Sofia Rotaru, Ani Lorak, Povaliy, Svetlana Loboda, Potap and Nastya, Vera Brezhnev, Quest pistols, “Valentin Strykalo” and a number of lesser-known - Masha Goya, Allois, group Rur: Rur … We asked these artists how to take them there and the attitude of Ukrainian fans to such of their voyages.

SECRET Barnstormer

As it turned out, concerts in Russia for many of our stars are very touchy subject. More on the hearing cancellation Potap and Nastya concert in Kiev because of a possible arson - Revenge fans for their trip to Moscow, as well as the fight under the walls of a night club in Odessa, where she performed Ani Lorak, who also lit on the eve of a white stone, where she received a music award .

Apparently, because of such a violent reaction Ukrainian fans, now almost all our artists hide their performances in Russia. So, no Lorak nor Loboda nor Potap Nastya No announcements of concerts on their official website (tour dates in Russia in detail painted only in Sofia Mikhailovna). Prosherstit many Russian concert sites, we noticed: the posters of some of our stars seem unusual, they are only a portrait of the artist, and information about the event still need to search. On the same paper posters that we found a word that you will sing Ukrainian artist. Loboda will present as a former “VIA Gra”, Rotaru - as a People’s Artist of the USSR, and Quest pistols and does a Russian group.

As we told the manager “quests”, “Russia’s fans do not associate them with the Ukraine and take all good” (fee guys, according to our information, about € 15 thousand.).

11 September 2014

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