Wheelchair from Voronezh invented a way to “conquer the heights”

Tridtsatidvuhletny resident of Voronezh, Dmitry Bibikov from childhood felt an inexplicable attraction to the height. Maybe that’s why all the happiest and most tragic events in his life were associated with it. In his youth, Dmitry parachute jumps, mountain climber and industry worked dreamed of being a pilot. And then fell from the balcony, was the wheelchair, trapped inside four walls.

Rescue from prison, Dmitry found again in height. The young man has invented a unique lifting device with which it can move freely around the house and even down the street from the fifth floor.

Despite the fact that conduction disturbances of spinal cord, resulting from injury, did not allow him to lead the former way of life, active nature won out. Dmitry abandoned thoughts of suicide, deciding that I must live and develop.

Six months of job search on the Internet resulted in the fact that he began to prepare students for the physics exam. Six months later became interested in creating websites and began to earn a living at it.

“Thinking that we should move on, I started to learn programming, and this year received a master’s degree program,” - Dmitri smiles.

Dmitri in his life happy with everything except one thing - inability to move freely around the apartment and out onto the street. His illness is not allowed not only to go outside, but on their own change from his wheelchair to the bed, use the bathroom and toilet.

“All of this in the future meant ripped back relatives who raised me. Well, most had a hard time. Bath I have not seen for weeks came out on the street about four times a year”, - says Dmitry.

Find a way out of difficult situation, he helped the first technical education and industrial work mountaineer, where he studied the device lifts. Acquainted with the proposals on the Internet, came up with a scheme Dmitry future mechanism and acquired the necessary components. They cost him about 20 thousand rubles. Friends gathered for the month design.

Now Dmitry moves around the apartment with the internal horizontal lift, with a fifth floor balcony down to the street with the external - the vertical.

“The lift inside the apartment allows me to move between the bed, bath, toilet and wheelchair, in any order. With the help of an external mechanism, which I added a climbing insurance, I get down from the balcony.’s No risk to life, all safe. My friends and I - have worked climbers in height, so we know how to protect themselves from it. Risking I would not, because the price issue - not only my life, but the responsibility of Oksana, who clicks on the button “, - says Dmitry.

In the two years that disabled inventor uses lifts to him never asked government authorities or private companies, but repeated calls to wheelchair users with a request to advise and help establish a similar mechanism.

16 July 2011

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