Investors do not trust the Russian market

Nothing need Russia so urgently, as foreign investment. Early in the year in Moscow began to sound the alarm: in the last quarter of 2010 was shipped from Russia more than $ 30 billion when it direct investments made last year by about $ 14 billion - less than half in the pre-crisis years

5 May 2011

10 of the most severe ways that PR-agency bred their clients
Putin let slip the main thing. (In his speech at the First Social Forum of Russian businesses, Vladimir Putin, 14 times in different variations using the word “must”)

• Leaders on Foreign Investment in Russia: Cyprus, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. All of these countries - offshore »»»
At the end of March this year, Russia has accumulated foreign investment in the 323.
• Lithuanian businessmen began to invest more in Russia's economy »»»
Lithuanian entrepreneurs are more willing to invest in the economy of Russia.
• Straight from the offshore »»»
Foreign investment in the Russian economy come to pre-crisis levels After a deep hibernation.
• Turkey vs Russia: Under the threat of export, energy, investment, tourism (Ankara counting huge losses, and Moscow is looking for alternative markets) »»»
The incident with the Russian Su-24 on the Syrian-Turkish border turned a new round of tensions between Moscow and Ankara, and a new threat to bilateral relations.
• Time to repatriate profits »»»
According to published yesterday Rosstat, in the first half of 2010 the inflow of foreign investment in Russia totaled $ 30.