We still have overtaken America. Paradoxically, the United Nations has recognized Russia’s main construction site of the planet in 2014

Material comment: Valentin Katasonov Vasily Koltashov

According to the UN report of 2014, Russia today - a world leader in the number of major investment projects. Of the ten largest construction projects, six are in our country. But can we conclude that we have a new era of industrialization?

The UN report said that last year the total value of projects have amounted to 5.96 billion dollars. Interestingly, 94% of them (5.62 billion.) Accounted for Chinese investments.

What kind of facilities are being built? This is the largest of them. It is planned to build a machine-building enterprises China Triumph International Engineering (cost - 3 bln. Dollars), Great Wall Motors (0,52 billion.), Hawtai Motor Group (1,1 Bln.) Automobile Dongfeng Motor (0,5 Bln.) plant for the production of feed New Hope Group (0,5 Bln.), chemical companies (building the Austrian company EVN AG for 343 million.).

By themselves, these projects prove that the West imposed restrictions do not prevent us from developing economies. What, of course, greatly contributes to mutual understanding with the Chinese partners.

On the other hand - whether these projects to raise the Russian economy to the proper level? After all, only one capital outflow from Russia last year amounted to 150 billion. Dollars. Agree: 5.96 billion. Dollars of investment against the background of the escaped while 150 billion looks very pale.

And in general - is not it strange that the construction of only six major enterprises suddenly brought Russia a world leader in investment projects? We do not forget that the outcome of the first Soviet Five-Year Plan (1928-1932) was the construction of 1,500 new industrial enterprises. And the results of the second (1933-1937) - construction and reconstruction of another 4,500 plants. The scale, as we see, quite disparate.

For an explanation of “joint venture” turned to domestic economists.

Professor of the Department of International Finance MGIMO Valentin Katasonov:

- Throughout the world, there is an economic depression. No one seeks to invest in new production. Power started in previous decades, partially idle in many countries.

Of course, the question arises: what investments regarded the UN experts? Quite a lot of the world are investing in “high-tech”. Everywhere develop defense companies are building railways and ports.

In 2014, Russia declared the line of import substitution. But I have not yet heard about the large-scale industrial projects that would work for this purpose.

“SP”: - How to build new businesses that create the basis for sustainable growth?

- During Stalin’s industrialization to June 22, 1941 9600 enterprises were built. Among them are large, as the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine, Dnieper. There were, of course, and medium enterprises and small. The really big about a thousand. The cost of each gold equivalent of about 20-30 tons of the precious metal (740-1100 million. Dollars at the current exchange rate - “SP”).

27 August 2015

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