International investors “Russia released from the penalty box” and consider it a “mainstream”, focusing on high profit - The Wall Street Journal

Fears began to melt due to the growth of the ruble and higher oil prices, which earlier fell to a record value in six years. Russian stock index rose by 20%, and a truce in the Ukraine lowered the geopolitical risks.

Currently, investors believe Russia “mainstream”, as guided by high profits. They have invested more than $ 600 million in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, focused on the Russian market. Another $ 200 million was invested in funds of international investors working with the Russian sovereign bonds, the newspaper notes.

Russian Assets Regain Appeal for Investors
The country’s ruble, sovereign bonds, and stocks attract those seeking higher yields

29 April 2015

In the labor market, new job
After Maidan business got worse, appetite increased inspection

• Post of Russia intends to invest in upgrading their 61 billion rubles »»»
In 2011-2014 in the “Mail of Russia” will be allocated 60.
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The Russian market has become the most profitable for investors in 2015 among the BRICS countries, displaced from the first position of China, according to Bloomberg.
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One of the largest investment companies in the world Pacific Investment Management Co (Pimco) took the drastic reduction in the cost of Russian companies to start buying them.
• Dean of the Moscow State University: Now comes the clinical death of the Russian economy »»»
Doctor of Economics, Dean of the Faculty of Economics of