Alexander Dimitrenko: Business Klitschko - fights with fighters from lung categories

European champion in the heavyweight Alexander Dimitrenko that September 24 will defend his title against Briton Mike Sprott explained why the Klitschko brothers avoid battle with him, and shared his thoughts on his upcoming bout.

- You can not underestimate the Sprott - said in an interview Dimitrenko Alexander Pavlov. - This is a good, skilful boxer. I do not install that it was some passing fight. Practicing their rules and in any case do not relax. This heavyweight, where one hit is everything. Remember Sprott fight with Audley Harrison. Sprott confidently led on points. However, at the end of the twelfth round Michael Harrison sent a knockout. - What, in your opinion, Sprott particularly dangerous?

- Now I will not reveal the card. Show ring.

- How many fights Sprott except fight with Harrison watched? Your opinion about them?

- Another two or three fights. And with high rivals, with stunted. On this basis, we coach and worked out a plan for the fight. - Your opinion about this fight Klitschko-Adamek?

- There was a game with only one goal. Adamek - light heavyweight and light heavyweight he boxed at best, because it is his category. Then he became the first heavyweight champion. However, it looked not so bright. However Heavyweight - clearly not his. Adamek tried though, but light heavyweight and light heavyweight there. Although the scored 20-30 kilograms. - Feel ripe for title clash with Klitschko?

- I’d boxed. Such a chance comes every day. Would come out to the ring against one of the brothers tomorrow. But they treat me as a competitor, and so in various interviews mention the names of the other contenders. But it’s a laugh! Klitschko began actively box with light heavyweight and heavyweight fighters first raised in the heavyweight. Now Vladimir, for example, will fight with Mormeck. Klitschko doing everything right in terms of making money. German television broadcast their fights agrees. In America, where people are hungry for blood and spectacle, and this would not have been close.

29 January 2014

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