From Kiev to the Crimea after the Maidan: Italian history


In Kiev he led business: here, he worked in the field of energy efficiency. After the sad events euromaidan Italian citizen Roberto Liochichero Vainio had to leave the Ukrainian capital and settle in the Crimea.

Even there, in Simferopol, he and his wife opened a restaurant, where guests are treated to delicious national paste.


People’s decision in March 2014 - was not the only one in the history of the Crimea, which is formed by the Italian knows firsthand: he spoke about the choice of the Crimean people and in 1991 (own autonomy, the preservation of the union state). But while their voice was not heard, and the peninsula after the collapse of the USSR moved to Ukraine. This is fundamentally wrong, Roberto said.

Now the Italian’s own small restaurant - “Kappero Felice”, or if you simply and in Russian, “Pasta Bar”.

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21 June 2016

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• Italians are planning to open in the Crimea buffalo mozzarella farm and production »»»
Crimean authorities have already pre-defined area, where it may appear buffalo farm Source: cdn4.
• "Nenashev" our interests in the Crimea »»»
In Crimea, at the height of tourist season, local merchants and still count as beneficial in terms of profits and prospects of joining the peninsula appeared in the Russian Federation.
• Russian banks in Ukraine fund "ATO" and trying to build a business »»»
Daughter of a number of Russian banks in Ukraine, even at the end of 2014 managed to show a profit, but to survive they had to finance the ATO.
• Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea offered amnesty for the Ukrainian business period »»»
"There were decisions on nationalization, we do not hide, but it was a political decision.
• Ukraine refused to ban doing business in the Crimea and the prosecution of "perfidy" »»»
Ukraine did not prohibit conduct business in the Crimea, to introduce prosecution for "perfidy" and permits for entry into the peninsula.