Disabled entrepreneurs in buying the rights to free parking in Moscow

Loopholes in the regulations on pay parking[[t:tag slug=parking]parking started to actively use drivers who often have to leave the car for a long time in the center.

Moscow parking not know what to do with the dispensation, which bought the right to the parking lot inside the Garden Ring. Hourly pay flies motorists a lot of money. Here and there were entrepreneurs who have started to buy a parking permit to place the permanent residents.

Ads with a proposal to buy out the disabled the right to preferential parking appeared at the entrances to the Basman district of the capital. Sell ​​their privileges proved easier. It was enough to dial a number and introduce elderly disabled grandson, whose apartment inside the Garden Ring. It turned out that the owner can make the registry and get two cars to 12,000 each.

- If we agree with you - you do not have to do anything! Make an electronic cabinet, writing an application that fits the number of machines that I need at the end of registration are notified that the car entered into the database - says Alexey cornerer benefits.

Convey notice - get your hands on the money. Prior to that all issues are resolved over the phone. The Office parking Moscow confirmed that formalize its right to free parking for alien machines no problem.

- At the moment, to get permission, you must provide official documents, but the number can fit any car, - said the head of the press service of the Moscow Ksenia Brodulenko parking.

These and enjoy speculators, the irony is that under the current law, they can not be called even scammers.

- Actually takes money for disabled that provides this benefit. Wrongfully? Clearly inappropriate, but no sanctions not. Fraud? Nobody cheats, everyone knows who pays for what and what gets - said the lawyer, “European legal service” Peter Hazanovsky.

So Alex, whose number is listed on the announcement, says it all: there is no danger, everything is absolutely legal.

17 February 2014

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