In Yekaterinburg, because parking at loggerheads hundred

The mass brawl happened yesterday at about midnight in Yekaterinburg. According to eyewitnesses, the “showdown” is striking in its mass character.

- The conflict broke out between the owners of city parking lots of “Avega” and OOO “Samara”, - says the press officer of the State Ministry of the Interior of the Sverdlovsk region, Irina Buchelnikova. - They are not shared parking lot. Each of them insists that the territory belongs to him.

As a result, the two men phoned their friends and had a “arrow”, a la the 90’s. As a weapon, “the men” used cuttings of spades, bats and guns.

- There were more than a hundred people, - says the saleswoman grocery kiosk nearby. It was she who called the police after the “mess”. - Young men stripped to the waist, ran to the parking lot and beaten bits dressed, who were already there …

4 August 2012

The level of state support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Chechnya, 67 times higher than in Moscow
A small company “Rosgosstrakh-Life” fabulously enriched in one year

• Business forced to economize, and the Interior Ministry is downsizing. Police raise prices »»»
They almost agreed. Operatives MIA Chief Directorate in the Central
• "This outrage was not even in the 1990s" (Ekaterinburg conflict broke out between the business and security forces) »»»
The businessmen asked the Prosecutor General’s Office and the SC with the complaint to the police.
• Disabled entrepreneurs in buying the rights to free parking in Moscow »»»
Loopholes in the regulations on pay parking started to actively use drivers who often have to leave the car for a long time in the center.
• In the Chelyabinsk region money on business development instead of young entrepreneurs got alcoholics and recidivists »»»
The scandal surrounding the activities of the regional business incubator, whose leaders several months ago have fallen for a large bribe, is gaining momentum.
• Fingerprints: a giant IT tender MIA clash occurred »»»
Almost lost the state contract MIA on 1,2 billion rubles., The operator TransTelecom able to appeal its defeat and the newly announced auction win.