Social news portal Digg sold for a measly $ 500,000. Digg - a vivid example of the lack of good ideas and good execution

Alex Moskalyuk writes about the sale once formidable Digg. The project, attracts millions of traffic to websites and mastered $ 45 million of investor funds sold to the owners of a news aggregator for $ 500,000.

Today, eight years the company has raised in the $ 45 million, was bought for $ 500,000 for the New York office BetaWorks, including projects which news aggregator The deal is on site and domain name (purchased by Kevin Rose for $ 1,200 from a certain Russian portalostroitelya) - the project team for some time working in the Washington Post.

Digg - a vivid example of the lack of good ideas and good execution. Wikipedia is very detailed account of the development project and the experiments that ultimately led to the departure of users on a decent alternative. Today the site is not that was really dead - there is some kind of informational activity, 7 million unique visitors per month according to ComScore, pages peydzhrenkom at 8 191st in the world for traffic, a lot of incoming links that are registered users with an email address etc.

13 July 2012

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