Poroshenko accused the Russian authorities in preventing the sale of assets: because of them I can not fulfill campaign promises

Russian authorities hinder the sale of assets Roshen. In an interview with the TV channel “1 + 1″ said the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

“To date, the Russian authorities, it is better to ask about this Roshena, Russian authorities hinder this sale, and it will not save the Russian authorities … In any case, it is necessary to finish,” - said Poroshenko (quoted by RBC-Ukraine ).

According to him, the main problem - a buyer of the asset. “In Ukraine, there will be peace, and investors will come to Ukraine. During the war in Ukraine, no one does not want to come, including buyers … I am convinced that Rothschild, and all the other great pleasure to give all the necessary information, all comments on the sales process, “- said the president of Ukraine.

Sale of assets is one of the pre-election promises Poroshenko. Now with the company Rothschild contract for sale of the company, he recalled, and Poroshenko has no right to interfere in this process. “My schedule - and I work 18-20 hours - does not provide, so I dropped everything and went to the market and began trading” - he added.

Sellers Poroshenko assets in December 2014 explaining the long term implementation of the fact that such transactions are in the former Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe usually take a year or more. “This is obviously not the best time to sell,” - said Reuters Giovanni Salvetti, managing director of Rothschild CIS, which is charged with finding a buyer for the confectionary group Roshen.

Already there is an agreement for the sale of one of the other assets, except Roshen, said managing director of the Kiev ICU Pasenyuk Makar, who is CFO Poroshenko. Sell ​​the company he refused to name. On Roshen already have two potential buyers, who do business in Ukraine, celebrated Reuters. This Swiss company Nestle and American concern Mondelez, which owns the British confectionery company Cadbury. In both their companies did not comment on the situation.

According to the President Vyacheslav Roshen Moskalevsky, the company remains profitable and for the first 10 months of 2014 sold products at $ 640. This is 35% less than in the same period last year.

In early September, was suspended plant factory, located in the Russian Lipetsk. According to deputy general director of the factory Oleg Kazakov reason for stopping was an excessive amount of product that has accumulated in the warehouses. Part of the job was sent to a planned vacation, the rest going to pay two-thirds of earnings. In October, the company had resumed work. In November 2014 the factory began reducing staff by 400 people. This was due to a fall in demand for the products of the factory.

14 March 2015

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