A. Shary: Peter Poroshenko continues to sleep

Peter I have a problem. Ignore their representatives may either absolutely “unsophisticated electorate,” or else the environment dads who wants to fall.

Yes, it is the environment and it is falling because sleep all the blows that rained down over him for a short period of government - it must be either an idiot or a well motivated actor playing an idiot.

As we have already mentioned, strikes against Peter Alekseevich were too obvious to ignore them and carry out counter-attacks.

Ranking fell within the country and to hate the enemies joined despise “their”. However, the weight of our President and promptly falls in the international arena. Opponents of as much help to fall - blocking convoys, for example.

Peter I was not invited to any meeting with Donald Tusk (during a visit to Warsaw) or in Brussels. Moreover, not on ordinary meeting, and a momentous event - the first meeting of the Association Council.

December 16 “European truth” came out with an article that talked about the reasons for the denial.

“Opposed by Donald Tusk, the new president of the European Council. He says that this visit was not at the time that it is better not to go”

“But do not be offended by the unconditional friend of our country, the former Polish Prime Minister Tusk. He’s right - the Europeans really” tired “from the Ukraine. A little more - and the word” Ukraine “will start to annoy them.”

“Forgetting” to invite Poroshenko invited Prime Minister Yatsenyuk. However, even the prime minister at the Council has been given the role of unrequited beggars.

“The first-ever meeting of the Association Council did not bring a lot of pleasant Ukrainian participants. The final press release is not a word about the new forms of support from the EU. A prime Yatsenyuk came out to talk to the press, could not hide some irritation.

The best illustration of the problems was the dialogue Yatsenyuk and Commissioner Johannes Hahn at the press conference. The words of the prime minister, “the money is needed Ukraine already yesterday,” Han said that “yesterday,” they will not, and today too. And will only after Ukraine will hold reforms. ”

No longer even trying to play diplomacy and show “friendship”. Time assurances hopelessly gone, it’s time to report what was done, but Europe does not see even a hint of Ukraine’s desire to reform.

In the presence of journalists Yatsenyuk Khan continued to assure that the country needs money:

“To change (reform) Ukraine needs money flowing”

Johannes Hahn was impregnable and hard:

“We are ready and willing to provide Ukraine with an unprecedented level of financial support, but I think that should be clear: the condition of this support is to carry out reforms.”

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23 December 2014

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