Izhevsk automobile plant has completed production of “Seven”

Izhevsk automobile plant (located in the management of OOO “United Auto Group” - the OAS, a subsidiary of OAO “AvtoVAZ“) on Monday completed the production of Lada 2107 - the classic “Seven”, the press service of the OAS.

“Today, April 17, the conveyor Izhevsk automobile came last car Lada 2107. Thus, the story of” Seven “ended in Russia,” - said in a statement.

Production of “Seven” Izhevsk automobile plant in 2011, gave “AvtoVAZ”. A test batch was released here in March last year and April 28, began production of a full cycle (welding, painting, assembly). From August 2011 after the production of Lada 2107 by “AvtoVAZ” Izhevsk automobile plant was the only manufacturer of these cars.
The report also notes that the production of another classical model - Lada 2104 - the company is scheduled for completion by the end of 2012.

“Currently, Izhevsk automobile plant being upgraded and updated lineup: the place of” classics “very soon will come a new car Lada Granta, the beginning of its production is scheduled for August 2012″ - said in a news release.

17 April 2012

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