In the Cathedral of Christ the Savior is not traded, and “go around” for the money, explained in the ROC. The court believed

Christ the Savior Cathedral strayed from the action of the Society of Consumer Protection (OZPP) on questionable business activities. As the “Interfax”, representatives of the church said in Khamovnichesky court that in the monastery distribute products, is free of charge.

Earlier, journalists commented on the process anticipated response: ROC will be forced to take an extremely unfavorable position of denying the obvious, because even if a breach in its commercial activities will not be confirmed, the damage is already tottering credibility would suffer by the very fact that it leads her. But in fact, the ROC line of defense is quite absurd and exceeds all expectations.

Nevertheless, the judge on Tuesday night is still recognized legitimate activities for the dissemination of goods in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, rejecting the claim consumer advocates

10 July 2012

Russian internet startups per year received $ 1 billion investment
Journalists in HHS tried to “donate an estimated” on the icon. They are not allowed

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