Journalists in HHS tried to “donate an estimated” on the icon. They are not allowed

Reporters saw the cash registers in retail outlets is still there, and the saleswoman, or “donations collector”, writes the article in notebook product, price and quantity sold. Traded in rubles as well as a currency.

“Approximately sacrifice” the journalist did not happen. If you try to get the icon is not a “recommended” 680 rubles, and cheaper, the woman behind the counter suggested that “cheaper to buy something else.” For all additional questions she did not answer, but the conflict did not go peacefully advised to ask questions, “the priest on duty.”

11 July 2012

In the Cathedral of Christ the Savior is not traded, and “go around” for the money, explained in the ROC. The court believed
Social news portal Digg sold for a measly $ 500,000. Digg - a vivid example of the lack of good ideas and good execution

• Economy without money: the obvious and incredible »»»
In recent days, the Russian ruble was quickly weaken compared to major world currencies.
• The crisis at Russian oil will start at $ 15 per barrel: the export duty and mineral extraction tax will be reset, but the state "nefterazvёrstkoy" will withdraw income »»»
Since the beginning of 2016, oil prices continued to fall.
• The oil industry needs a new tax regime and more than 7 trillion rubles. investments, says the draft General Scheme of the oil industry until 2020 »»»
For the planned version of the country has already reached a production peak in 2011 will decrease by 2.
• The Washington Times: Putin has skillfully played the weak financial card »»»
In a difficult financial situation, Russia manages to raise oil prices by mere talks and at the same time maintain a high level of production.
• Business in Russian. »»»
Let's be honest, every one of us at heart slightly Navalny, especially when pripechet or officials would get.