Entrepreneurs Primorye massively lost business on the eve of the APEC summit

Planned for 2012 APEC summit in Vladivostok has become a real headache for local entrepreneurs. Authorities on a massive scale commercial properties demolished for small and medium-sized businesses to free up land for expansion of roads in the guest route. Have already suffered 140 objects, on the order of a further 110. In this regard, “Support of Russia,” asked for help in the government and the Prosecutor General’s Office (the letter is available to RBC daily).

“Road issue” has already had a negative impact on the business of private entrepreneurs in Vladivostok. As told RBC daily, a local branch SUPPORT Igor Savin, shops began to demolish without judgments. “Leases are with us for a year, and in 2010 local authorities began to refuse to extend massively the lease, and then began the illegal demolition of the pavilions themselves, which is owned business” - says Mr. Savinov.

Shopping facilities, the maximum area which is 200 square meters. m just started to disappear in the course of the movement of construction work to improve city roads. To date, dismantled 140 pavilions. To turn a further 110 sites, according to SUPPORT, referring to the demolition plan, signed by the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev. “The damage to the owner of the pavilion is up to 2 million rubles.” - Said Mr. Savinov, adding that this situation “looks like a tough run over the 90s.”

According to him, be grounds for termination of land lease contracts can serve as decision № 777 “On the Development of Vladivostok as a center for international cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.” The document explicitly recommends that the Department of Land Resources of Primorye Territory not to renew lease agreements with a number of facilities, says RBC daily. But neither this provision nor any other documents do not allow to destroy an object, he adds. Mr. Savinov also complain that employers do not provide an alternative in the form of new land.

In this regard, “Support of Russia” decided to seek help from the government and the Attorney General’s Office. Available RBC daily were appropriate letters in the name of First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, First Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman of June 21 this year, signed by President BRACKET Sergey Borisov. He asked officials “to intervene in this situation and prevent the elimination of small business.” The request for assistance included treatment of the seaside regional office supports, which are described above facts. Get prompt comment from the authorities failed.

30 June 2011

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