The webinar, “7 the exact steps in the construction of the system of business,” the owner of the company Vysotsky Consulting Moscow - Yevgeny Frolov

March 23 Yevgeny Frolov (co-founder and CEO of Vysotsky Consulting Moscow) will hold a webinar for owners of small and medium-sized businesses on the topic “7 exact steps in the construction of the system of business”

Yevgeny Frolov
-souchreditel Vysotsky Consulting Moscow, the largest branch of the company
-sertifitsirovanny lecturer and consultant “School Business Owners”
-The owner of the company “Insight-Alliance” (segment automation on 1C)

He developed a software package that allows you to monitor any systematic business from anywhere with your laptop. For several years, Eugene has helped organize and raise the income of hundreds of companies in Russia and CIS.

The following issues will be discussed at the webinar:

- How to speed up business processes in 2-3 times?
- How to reduce costs by 40%?
- How to reduce to zero at the time the owner of the routine?
- How to cease to depend on the “star employees?

After the webinar you will learn:

- As a self-diagnose their businesses and find disadvantages for further correction.
- Experience of successful and rapid implementation of management tools: the correct sequence, the key components.
- Phases of development and transition condition to the next level.
- At what stage it becomes necessary management system?
- What companies need a clear organizational structure and what it costs her absence.
- Examples of systematic businesses.
Participation in the webinar is free!

Compulsory registration on the website

21 March 2016

WSJ found out where lost 800 thousand barrels of oil per day (American edition establish the whereabouts of the missing black gold)
Syria extends assistance to fruit (started organized deliveries to Russia of vegetables and fruits from Syria)

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