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In April, compared with March, 15 per cent increase in the number of vacancies in the labor market between the two capitals. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by experts from the research group “W-City Community Research”.
In April there was that sooner or later had to happen: the number of vacancies in the labor market increased. Total monthly growth in Moscow and St. Petersburg was 20 000 - 30 000, so that now only one central region of our country can provide employment to 300 000 new workers. However, as noted by the labor market expert Nikolai Ryzhkov, it is mainly a question of temporary hiring junior staff, including unskilled.
Surovtsev Timothy

24 April 2015

Media: Russia will give Greece an advance of € 5 billion on the project “Turkish Stream”
International investors “Russia released from the penalty box” and consider it a “mainstream”, focusing on high profit - The Wall Street Journal

• Analysts forecasts for lower growth rate of US GDP due to a reduction of investment and labor market indicators have disappointed. To complete his second term on a positive note, Obama will not work »»»
On Friday, June 3, the latest statistics published by the US labor market.
• Russian business does not agree with the assessment of low productivity in Russia »»»
Russian business representatives do not agree with the assessment of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
• Moscow mayor's office promises to students of 250 thousand rubles for the opening of business »»»
Up to 250 thousand rubles can receive from the city authorities, students of Moscow universities, if this year will open a small business.
• Top managers and HR-director of the Urals discussed investment in human capital »»»
In Yekaterinburg completed Business Forum "Investment in human capital as a guarantee of success in the market," organized by ANCOR personnel holding in partnership with "3M Russia.
• Russian internet startups per year received $ 1 billion investment »»»
Investors invested in 2011 in the beginning the Russian Internet company about $ 1 billion they were twice as more generous than the previous year.