The construction of the bridge across the Kerch Strait will involve Chinese companies

The first foreign investor in the Crimea after his accession to the Russian company will be from China. As the “Y”, the construction of a transport corridor in Crimea through the Kerch Strait worth $ 1.2-3 billion could be brought Chinese state-owned construction and private investment fund, as part of the project will be invested in RMB. According to sources, “b”, it is primarily a political move that demonstrates the strengthening of relations between Moscow and Beijing on sanctions against the West, and China can gain access to other major projects in the region. But, according to experts, after the arrival of Chinese companies Russian players will be difficult to participate in infrastructure projects in the Crimea.

The Ministry of Transport is preparing to sign a memorandum with Chinese companies on the construction of the transport corridor through the Kerch Strait, which connects Krasnodar region and the Crimea, told “Kommersant” sources familiar with the preparation of the document. Technical design model has not yet been approved - it can be road-rail bridge or bridge and an underwater tunnel. According to sources, “b”, the memorandum could be signed during Putin’s visit to China in the second half of May. The involvement in the financing of the project will take private China International Fund Ltd (CIF), and construction will state China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC).

In the Transport Ministry declined to comment. But sources “b”, and close to the Ministry of Transport “Avtodor” (developing the feasibility study), confirmed information “b”. “The final configuration of the project has worked out, but it is real, that to perform a substantial part of the work can attract Chinese construction company that has experience in implementing large infrastructure projects”, moreover, there is “the possibility of financing the construction of the renminbi,” stressed one of the interlocutors “b”.

As noted by a source in the Ministry of Transport until analyzed as “the scheme is to be implemented,” and the final decision about participating in the project will be taken after the fact will be certainty exactly how the transition will be built. According to him, pre-project documentation should be developed by 30 May, and in July “will be developed financial scheme and model construction.” But emphasizes interlocutor Chinese participation “does not negate the fact that the project will involve major Russian companies.” According to him, interest in the project confirmed almost all the leading players who are engaged in infrastructure construction, “but as long as the variation scheme to attract them is very wide - as a contest, and direct transfer order to a consortium of companies.” Source “b” noted that “the Chinese themselves are interested in working with the Russian players.”

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5 May 2014

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