To engage in non-oil business in Russia was not only difficult, but not profitable

“Today we are witnessing in the production of very real stagnation. If you clear the statistics from oil exports, the GDP growth for the year will not exceed 1%. And in March 2011 and at all recorded a decline in industrial production. Current ratio of tax burden and corruption pressure is doing in Russia marginal (or even unprofitable) any business, except for raw materials, “- said during a tax forum of public organization” Business Russia “, said its president, Boris Titov

“We feel, as Russia becomes a private business - continued Chairman of” Business Russia. “- We are increasingly becoming commodities of the country. Of course, the business climate - a combination of factors. Many say - yes, we have corruption, we have administrative barriers, but economic interest outweighs all of these things … It’s not so. ”

“If it would be really beneficial, then the business would be invested in Russia, even given the all clear political risks, - said Boris Titov. - But now do business in Russia, above all, profitable, and not only is not safe. We have repeatedly warned the prime minister and President, it is necessary to change the situation. and cosmetic measures (for example, to delay property tax and profits for start-ups), then do not. “

24 April 2012

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