EBay has decided to expand its presence in Russia, despite sanctions

American company EBay, providing services in the areas of internet auctions, reported willingness to expand their own presence on the Russian market, despite sanctions.
In 2012 the company’s sales in Russia increased by 45% to $ 425 million. The number of customers reached almost 1 million people. Last year, the company has doubled the purchasing base in Russia, reports Reuters (translation provided by the Center for current policy).
Currently, the company intends to maintain strong sales growth in Russia and other emerging markets - Brazil, India and China.
Earlier, the experts Oxford Economics calculated than turn into the most severe sanctions of the West against Russia, when applied in Europe. In their opinion, the eurozone will miss 3.5% of GDP and again slide into recession and oil price exceeds $ 200 per barrel.

24 July 2014

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