Reuters: China and North Korea have launched a joint production of copper

The joint North Korean-Chinese enterprise Hyesan-China Joint Venture Mineral Co. launched a copper mine in Hesan (North Korea Ryanggang Province).

Reported on Monday evening, the Chinese news agency Xinhua, adding that the joint venture was established November 1, 2007 by Vansyan (Wanxiang) and the Ministry of Mines in North Korea.

The mine is located a few miles from the Chinese city of Changbai (Jilin province), 51 percent owned by a Chinese company. Design capacity - 50 000-70 000 tons of copper concentrate per year with a copper content of 20-30 percent. All the concentrate will be shipped to China.

China is the world’s largest consumer of copper, but its own production does not cover the demand for copper. In the first seven months of 2011 the country imported 3.4 million tons of copper concentrate, which is 11 percent less than during the same period of 2010. Open this link through Google Translate

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