Italians are planning to open in the Crimea buffalo mozzarella farm and production

Crimean authorities have already pre-defined area, where it may appear buffalo farm


Simferopol, April 18. / Corr. Elena Bogdanovich TASS /. Italian investors plan to open a buffalo farm in Crimea, as well as to organize production of mozzarella. The total investment could reach € 300 million.

This Tass Jan Epstein, deputy chairman of the Black Sea Association of international cooperation dealing with the involvement of foreign companies in the peninsula.
“Italian investors offered us interesting projects on April 25-26 in the Crimea will be an agreement It is a project for growing and production of buffalo mozzarella..” - He said at the end of the Yalta Economic Forum (YAMEF).
Crimean authorities have already pre-defined area, where it may appear buffalo farm. “They go with their 100% investments It is about € 300 million for all projects.” - Said Epstein, adding that these companies bring with them to the Crimea investors who want to engage in viticulture. business names are not specified due to sanctions.
Previously, the mozzarella was not made in the Crimea. However, last summer it was reported that the Association “Bravo Italia”, dedicated to the promotion of products of the Campania region - the birthplace of the mozzarella, help to put in Sevastopol Equipment for the production of cheese. Cheese plan to do from the Crimea cow’s and goat’s milk. In Russia, a cheese called mozzarella, and in Italy - Fior di latte (Italian mozzarella made from buffalo milk black - approx Tass.).
As explained Tass Agriculture Minister Andrei Grigorenko Crimea, local dairy production occupied only by 35% due to lack of raw materials. “In the Crimea, not enough milk, so for its production we have the highest level of state, why we recommend everyone to engage in milk,” - he said.

18 April 2016

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