China rejected the harvest from Ukraine

Crop export of soybeans, corn and barley from Ukraine was banned from being imported to China[/t[t:tag slug=knr]China due to the discovery in it of pests and nematodes, Ukrainian media reported.

“All the farms, in fields which are found pests of corn, soybeans and barley, have been notified of the results of tests and examinations, they were denied in the future export of grain from the infected areas (which do not conform to the protocols of phytosanitary and inspection of China corn requirements, barley and soybeans ) “- leads edition of the” Reporter “message Gosprodpotrebsluzhby Ukraine.

30 August 2016

Russia ready for new records in oil production
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• China began to lift the ban on the import of products from Russia »»»
China proceeds to the abolition of restrictions on the supply of beef and poultry meat from Russia to the Chinese market.
• Russian banks in Ukraine fund "ATO" and trying to build a business »»»
Daughter of a number of Russian banks in Ukraine, even at the end of 2014 managed to show a profit, but to survive they had to finance the ATO.
• Internet platform for the sale of goods from Russia established in China »»»
Internet platform for the sale of Russian goods created in the city of Heihe (Heilongjiang Province), located on the border of Russia and China, reported China Radio International (CRI).
• Bloomberg: Russia earned on food more than weapons »»»
Because of the embargo on foreign food, huge subsidies and a weak ruble, some Russian agricultural industry began to bring more benefits than oil and arms sales, Bloomberg writes.
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The American edition of The Wall Street Journal had caught International Energy Agency data inaccuracy relating to excess oil production.