President of the Russian Federation supported the idea of ​​creating a preference for the Russian internet business

MOSCOW, December 22. / TASS /. Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the Internet can become a driver for the development of the country. The head of state also promised full support to the online community.

“The significance and impact of the Internet is constantly growing, it is necessary to use the Internet as a whole as a driver of development, modernization of the country”, - Putin said at the forum “Internet economy”. According to him, “No one in this no doubt.” “We very much willing to help you and support you in your efforts”, - assured the president of the forum participants.

The head of state noted that “in recent years the Internet has firmly entered into the everyday business life of the country, almost all over the world has become an independent branch.” “Of course, Russia is not far behind and does not remain aloof from global trends: the Russian Internet audience - the largest in Europe and more than 80 million users, of which 62 million go online every day,” - stated Putin. According to him, people are “300 times during the day today, look to the phone” to reach the global network.

“Rapidly growing commercial network segment, the market, which is connected to the Internet, is 16 percent of GDP,” - said the head of state. He is also pleased that a growing number of those who are on the Internet receives state and municipal services. “Last year, more than one third of the state and municipal services were provided in an automated way,” - said the president.

Putin offered to participants of the forum to articulate their ideas and suggestions and pass aide Igor Shchegolev.

Preferences for Russian business
In general, Putin agreed with the idea of ​​creating a preference for the Russian Internet business. “Yes, agree (with the proposals), ready, think about it. Let us - he said at the forum. - Only, of course, so that it does not violate our obligations under the WTO. I am sure that the appropriate correct solutions exactly can and should be found. ”

The Russian President also agreed with the proposal to consider the possibility of extending the benefits of insurance premiums for IT-companies in 2017.

At a meeting with Putin told the forum participants that, due to the benefits, sales of software companies from 2010 to 2014 increased more than three-fold from 28 billion to 102 billion rubles. However, this benefit was canceled in 2017, and participants were asked to extend it. “I agree with you completely, the only question is what you need to do this once, without breaking the rules of the WTO. We need to think,” - said Putin.

During the meeting also raised the topic of taxes. Participants noted that the company’s Russian Internet market, taking into account the factor of cross-border trade, are at a disadvantage, since in contrast to the foreign colleagues in Russia have to pay taxes and bear social responsibilities.

22 December 2015

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