Economy without money: the obvious and incredible

In recent days, the Russian ruble was quickly weaken compared to major world currencies. Russian business has increased problems with credit and investment resources. The budget deficit is once again becoming a reality. Ruble and country’s financial system zalihoradilo. External sanctions have become a special challenge.
Rubles - this is a historic and vital symbol of Russia. What was happening to him and why? As the national currency is linked to socio-economic growth and development of the country? Where to take a much needed for the development, import substitution, the answer to the challenges of external sanctions and strengthening the sovereignty of Russia finances?
Question of the source of financial resources is relevant for the entire economy, its current and future development opportunities. Sverhaktualen it for Russian business, as the motor trade (better to say - the economy) is not only advertising, but first of all material and financial resources. This effort, energy and money as investment in fixed assets and working capital. You can, of course, talking about the “achievements” of the virtual economy and paper games speculation, but the conversation must first go on a healthy and responsible economic model.
Not only that, the prestige of labor in Russia is decreasing, and its undervaluation discourages productivity. One gets a vicious circle: low demand, stagnation of production, lack of income and resources for development. In this increasingly feeling the effects of the strain of the financial system as a whole. Talking about this issue, do not succumb quite empty rhetoric meteorological style of “investment climate.” It only takes away from the real problem with the investment deficit and ways of its solution. Note also that under the investment we understood not speculative capital, spinning in the paper market, and one that is invested in fixed assets and leads to real development. As we know, no development without investments do not happen. More precisely, it may be apparent, for example, revenues from oil and gas exports, but it is a fictitious development. It is more about consumption through rental income, but this thing is very unstable, slabosuverennaya and can not seriously be considered as a strategy for further development of Russia. Russia has little effect on world prices of energy.
In a healthy economy has a rigid connection pervasive investment and GDP growth. Here are recent figures (according to the IMF) by the formula: country - total investment as a percentage of GDP / GDP growth itself also as a percentage. China - 46 / 8.9. India - 35 / 7.2. Iran (before the sanctions) - 33 / 4.5. Indonesia - 36 / 6.3. Saudi Arabia - 29 / 6.8. Mexico - 24 / 4.1. Argentina - 23 / 5.7. What about Russia? Russia (before the current recession) - 19 / 3.9. The conclusion is simple: not investing in fixed assets - sustainable or, so to speak, of capitalized development will not receive. This low level of investment in Russia does not pass unnoticed.
Article Transtelekom director, board member of the RSPP, Sergeev

18 November 2014

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